There’s no substitute for solid foundations. So what groundworks are needed?

concrete base foundations for timber buildings


Our static timber buildings require a concrete foundation, that not only provides a firm, stable and level base, but raises your timber building off the ground to help prevent rot and ensure that it lasts for many years to come.

Foundations for a timber building

We offer our customers a ‘turn-key’ service; we don’t just design and construct your timber building, we can also lay your foundations and erect your new building onsite. 

Of course, if you have the experience to lay your own foundation or a contractor that you would like to use, we will provide the base plan, dimensions and specification required and then erect your timber building once the groundworks are complete. 

If you have ordered a mobile building on skids, all we ask is that a flat and level surface is prepared in advance of our construction team’s arrival. 

What’s the process?

1. Once we have finalised your base plan, we will dig out a level base and fit timber shuttering on all sides.

2. Next, a layer of hardcore is laid directly on the soil and compacted, over which a damp-proof course (DPC) membrane is laid. This will prevent moisture from the ground soil penetrating the concrete.

3. A steel mesh is then laid, to give stability to the concrete and prevent movement and cracking, before the concrete is poured and tamped.

4. Finally, once the concrete is set, a single course of bricks are laid following the base plan, onto which the timber will be built. Again, this raises the timber up from ground level to prevent rot and ensure longevity.

See the process in more detail . . .

1. Dig out the base

2. Lay & compact hardcore

3. Add a DPC & steel mesh

4. Pour & tamp the concrete

5. Lay a single brick course