Five benefits of mobile field shelters

If you keep horses on paddocks that are not your property or have concerns over fixed structures that require planning consent, mobile field shelters are seen as a perfect alternative to fixed stable buildings.

Not only do they offer a quick and easy way to shelter your horses from the elements whilst out in the paddocks, they are also a welcome addition to your stabling needs.

No matter the time of year, mobile field shelters offer a number of benefits over fixed stabling that many horse owners are extremely grateful to have. Here are just a few prime examples of why you should consider getting one if you own horses:

mobile field shelters


Mobile field shelters are usually built on skids which means they can be easily moved from place to place with little hassle.

During the hotter summer months, you may want to place your shelters in a shaded area to get your horses away from the heat, which attracts flies and numerous other pests.

In the colder months, wet weather will undoubtedly make for muddier conditions so moving the shelter frequently to more grassy areas will help to keep your horses clean and provide fresh pastures for grazing. And if the wind picks up or heavy rains are forecast, you can easily turn the shelter away from the elements at a suitable angle and use it as a wind break to keep the horses away from the worse of the weather.


Like most animals, horses have favourite spots to relax and rest. Only until you observe your horse’s habits and see where it likes to lay, will you know where to ideally place your shelter.

With a mobile field shelter, moving the stable to a better spot that your horse will enjoy is simple, meaning you have a happier and more relaxed horse as a result.

No planning consent required

In most cases, a mobile field shelter will not require any form of planning consent from your local authority, unlike a fixed stable building.

As the structure is not permanently sited and will not sit on any form of fixed groundworks such as concrete foundations, then it is not regarded as a fixed building.

As long as the shelter is fitted with metal or timber skids and is moved once every six weeks, you should not face any objections to placing a field shelter in your paddocks.

There are a few legal technicalities that vary between different local authorities, so check with them first before proceeding. But in most cases, if you provide sufficient evidence that the structure is mobile and will be moved at regular intervals, you shouldn’t face too much opposition to owning one.


Most field shelters are very well made and can withstand the elements as well as frequent moving. Constructed of treated or kiln dried timbers, they should last for many years without problems, even if moved several times per annum.

In many cases, field shelters can be fitted with tow bars or tow chains which makes it fairly simple to move using a 4×4 or tractor, so you can put them practically anywhere you like! If well cared for, your shelter should last a long time and provide many years of happy sheltering for your horses.


Mobile field shelters are surprisingly affordable. Compared to the cost of owning a fixed stable block which will require ground works, poured concrete foundations and the complications of planning consent, mobile field shelters cost far less and are practically ready to go the moment you get them home.

They offer a great supplementary stabling solution for your horses, meaning they can stay out in the paddocks for longer periods and enjoy the great outdoors. Your horse will love them.