Sustainably Sourced Timber

Olson Timber Buildings cares about the natural environment and with timber being our primary building material, we naturally take great consideration of where it comes from.

Timber is a natural product that not only has a great many beneficial properties as a building material, such as insulation, strength and flexibility, but it's also a sustainable material that requires relatively little energy to process.

FSC Timber

All our timber is sourced from FSC certified sawmills and suppliers. FSC is the industry standard for stewardship, social responsibility and environmental good practice.

What this means is that all of our timber comes from carefully managed woodland, where as trees are harvested to create timber, new saplings are planted in their place. This ensures that our timber buildings are created from sustainable materials.

During the growth process, trees consume carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, which is great for the environment, as well as providing a natural habitat for wildlife.

Caring for the environment

Ensuring that our primary building material is sustainably sourced is one thing, but it's equally important to make the most of this natural resource.

So all of our timber (with the exception of the OSB used for internal lining) is pressure treated with the Tanalised E system to protect against decay and insect attack for years to come.

We also endeavour to minimise wastage, so all our wood offcuts are collected and recycled into other wood-based products. As a business, we aim for zero to landfill, and with such a readily recycled core product, we are leaps ahead of others.