What type of roofing should you choose? Our guide to roofing will help you decide.

roofing options

Roofing Options

Which type of roofing you choose for your stables, garage, carriage house, car port, workshop or garden studio/office will depend on a few factors.


Our range of buildings have different pitches and different strengths allowing them to accommodate varied roofing materials. Generally speaking, our OTB 1 and OTB 2 ranges work well with the lightweight Onduline sheeting and Onduvilla tiles whist OTB 3 is ready for slate or clay tiles.

Location & Planning Requirements

Whilst many of our buildings don’t require planning consent (you should always check with your local authority) there maybe stipulations from planners about roof finishes and colour. Even if not, it is worth thinking about what would best fit in with your surroundings.


Strange as it may seem, not every building requires the most expensive roofing. Stables and field shelters are usually proposed with Onduline as it is quiet during rainfall (keeping horses calm), relatively lightweight, easy to handle and durable. 

If you would like to add insulation and boarding, we would recommend choosing our OTB 3 specification for your building as this opens up the option of a clay or slate tile. 


Our timber buildings are very competitively priced, but not at the cost of quality. We use high quality, respected products that we trust. That doesn’t necessarily mean expensive; Onduline sheeting is a cost effective roofing solution that is extremely durable, Onduvilla offers a tiled-effect that looks great, whilst Tapco tiles are a fantastic slate alternative.

Alternatively, our OTB 3 specification timber buildings are ready to receive slate or clay tiled roofing from your own builder or contractor.

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Available in several colours, these corrugated sheets are made from recycled fibres that are then saturated with bitumen under controlled pressure and heat conditions. The result is a uniform, hard wearing roof backed by a 15 year manufacturers guarantee. The colours are impregnated into the material so do not require maintenance. The only thing you need to do is keep the leaves off and clear the gutters. This is our standard roof for OTB1 buildings.


The sister product to Onduline, Onduvilla is similar in being made from recycled fibres but is in an overlapping tile format (installed as sheets). The roof is coloured with variations to replicate the distance look of a clay tiled roof. Again with a 15 year manufacturers guarantee the roofing material can be laid over a boarded or non boarded roof making at option well suited to OTB2.

Natural Slate or Tile

Popular for our OTB3 range these finishes are perfect for matching directly or complimenting surrounding buildings. All our OTB3 buildings (subject to pitch) can be installed ready to receive the natural tiles of your choice. As we install timber buildings all over the UK we prefer to do what we do best, timber buildings, and then you will need to instruct your own local roofer for this option.

Cedar Shingles

Cedar is an incredible natural wood. Offering good insulation, stability and longevity as well as blending well in both contemporary and traditional surroundings cedar works well on our OTB 3 range. Like natural tiles we ask you to find a local contractor for installation but the results are usually stunning.

Tapco Tiles

Tapco offers the slate look without the slate cost or limitations. This composite tiles can installed by our own team and is both durable and easy to work with. Benefits include being able to install the tile on a relatively shallow pitched roof and low maintenance with a long life span.