What type of timber do we use for our buildings & what are your options?

Timber options

Timber Options

Timber is our primary building material and we use a variety of types. Below is an overview of the timber we use and the options available to you.

Sustainably Sourced

All of our timber is sustainably sourced, certified and FSC recognised. We believe that timber is one of the most sustainable and sensible moves you can make. Trees consume carbon dioxide during the growth process and produce oxygen, they provide a natural habitat for wildlife during their life-cycle and are easily replenished. Timber also requires relatively little energy to turn into a building material compared to other common materials. See here for more information about our sustainably sourced timber.

FSC Timber

All our timber is sourced from a handful of FSC certified sawmills and suppliers. FSC has become an industry standard for stewardship, social responsibility and environmental good practice. We work in the knowledge that as trees are felled and used in our products, new saplings are planted and managed, ensuring that our timber buildings are sourced from a sustainable part of the timber cycle. See here for more information about our FSC timber.

Pressure Treated

The majority of our buildings are constructed from European softwood. To help preserve and prolong the lifespan, the main external timbers and cladding are all pressure treated with the Tanalised E system. This means the timber is dried and then placed in a vacuum before having the preservative forced through the wood. The end result is resilient and long-lasting timber that is protected against decay and insect attack. 


All our wood offcuts are collected and recycled into other wood-based products, we aim for zero to landfill as a business and are leaps ahead of others having such an readily recycled core product. 

So what timber options do you have ?

Timber Framing

Depending upon the building specification, we use a couple of main types of framing. In general, our OTB 1 range of stables and field shelters are framed with 75x50mm (3x2" in old money). Whilst our OTB 2 and OTB 3 specification buildings extensively use 100x50mm (4x2), the extra strength giving more support for heavier roofing options, such as pegged clay tiles or slate.

Exterior Cladding

Our buildings are generally clad with pressure-treated shiplap, but we also offer the option for weatherboard cladding or loglap, which has a rounded profile. If you have other requirements, just let us know.

Roof & Wall Boarding/Lining

As standard on many of our timber outbuildings, our OTB 2 and OTB 3 stables and OTB 3 field shelters, OSB or Ply roof boarding provides additional insulation and support for Onduline and Onduvilla roofing. We also include anti-kick wall boarding to our OTB 2 and OTB 3 range of equestrian buildings. All other buildings are lined with a breathable membrane.

We use OSB or Ply for boarding, which are engineered sheet materials used for cross bracing strength.

Support Posts & Curved Bracing

Many of our open-sided buildings, such as our carriage houses and car ports include either pressure treated soft wood or oak support posts, headers & curved bracing. If you specify a canopy (covered area) to the front of stabling or our other buildings, this will also be supported by either softwood or oak posts and curved bracing, lending a traditional look to your timber building.