Outdoor Timber Classrooms & Socially Distanced Spaces
Timber buildings provide a quick, low cost and environmentally friendly solution for schools, care homes and commercial premises to adapt[...]
Using Oak in Timber Buildings
Oak buildings have been around for hundreds of years, timber framed houses, barns and churches from medieval times still proudly[...]
Designing My Forever Stable Yard
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Work From A Timber Home Office & Save £29,000
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Spring Update from Lily
It has been a mixed period of highs and lows from me. March saw some really good progress and great[...]
Lock Down in a Dressage Training Yard
Here at David Rumsey Dressage we have very much tried to take the current health crisis in our stride, there[...]
Covid 19 Update and Information
Our office team are all now working remotely but with all systems in place to work as normal. Thanks to[...]
Stables & Dance Studio in Rural Kent
For some people, choosing a new home is all about bedrooms, bathrooms and a stand-out kitchen, for the Stebbings family[...]
An Oak Framed Garage & Carriage House for a Farmhouse Renovation.
Jamie and Marc approached Olson already a long way in to the renovation and expansion of their farmhouse and outbuildings[...]
Tank Ready Timber Buildings
Join us at The War and Peace Festival between 23rd July and 27th July and test the Olson flexibility by[...]
Bespoke Timber Building Inspiration
We are often approached to build a bespoke timber building, be it a cricket pavilion, boat house or changing rooms[...]
Stabling for Larger Horses
Horse owners will know that horses become a way of life and part of the family, so making sure your[...]
Tapco Slate for Timber Buildings – A new type of tile
There is a new roofing option for timber buildings, meeting building regulation, looking great and with a 40 year warranty[...]
Timber Carport Inspiration
Two inspirational timber carports. Built from timber in two different areas of the country, we take a look at how[...]
Oak Framed Garage or Timber Carriage House?
Oak Frames Garage - Carriage House - Cart lodge As a company that works nationally but is very much based[...]
Up To £600 Off a Mobile Field Shelter
Until the end of May you can save up to £600 on a mobile field shelter or mobile stables from[...]
Timber Garage vs Block or Brick Garage
If you are considering building, or having built for you, a new garage there are few construction materials to choose[...]
5 Timber Garage Ideas
The In & Out Garage. This is a double sided garage, so there are doors front and back. If your[...]
Olson Timber Buildings Events 2019
The Olson Road Show will be exhibiting at county shows and events around the country. This is a great chance[...]
Why Olson Timber Buildings Last Longer
No matter which of our timber buildings you purchase from the lowest priced field shelter to the largest American barn[...]
Oak Framed Timber Garages For Less.
Get the Oak garage look without the cost of an oak framed garage or carriage house with the Olson Oak[...]
Timber garages for 4×4’s and SUV’s
Finding a garage to fit an SUV or 4x4 can be tricky and is a little more involved than finding[...]
Home Gym in a Timber Building
A home gym is a perfect way to get fit and rid of the Christmas pounds. Having a gym at[...]
Working From Home – A Timber Office
Commuting is stressful, dull and time-consuming. Working from home for many people sounds like the perfect life change. Simply walk[...]
Case Study Bespoke Timber Carport
Our client wanted a bespoke timber carport with tiled roof and laying of footings.  Nestled in the middle of the[...]
20% off Timber Buildings
If you want a premium quality timber building but are keen to save a bit of money, going down the[...]
Going Mobile – Field Shelters and Stables
Mobile Field Shelter There are two main reasons why we see so many horse owners looking at mobile equine buildings. [...]
Case Study – American Timber Barn
American Timber Barn with 6 stables installed in East Kent Our client initially called with a clear picture in her[...]
Can a timber building increase your property value?
Could your new garage pay for itself? When you consider purchasing a timber garage, stables or studio it is usually[...]
10% Off Timber Stables and Field Shelters
Special Equine Timber Building Offer During Summer 2019 (June, July and August), we are offering 10% off our rage of[...]
Planning Your Perfect Stable
Planning your new stable or yard is exciting, but do take some time to carefully think about your options and[...]
The Olson Mancave
So what’s a “Mancave”? A mancave is a space to call your own and escape to. A place for reflection, inspiration,[...]
How to build the perfect home gym or studio
Health and fitness are one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK, with an estimated market value of a[...]
Five benefits of mobile field shelters
If you keep horses on paddocks that are not your property or have concerns over fixed structures that require planning[...]
Five ways to stop your horse from chewing your stables
If your horses spend extended periods of time in the confinement of their stables, it’s understandable that they will start[...]
Pros & cons of building a detached garage
Garages, whether attached or detached to homes have become a rarity in the United Kingdom in recent years. With many[...]
Home office or garden office, which is best?
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Carport or carriage house? That is the question…
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How to prevent pests infesting your stables
If you’ve owned horses for any given length of time, you’ll know that pests are a persistent problem to stay[...]
What size stable does my horse need?
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The advantages of an American barn
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10 Ways to keep your horses happy
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Managing your field shelter during winter
With the autumn and winter months fast approaching, horse and stable owners need to be prepared for the cold snap[...]
Four essential considerations before building a stable.
If you plan to erect a new stable block on your property, there are a number of considerations to take[...]