Need extra storage space? We can create you a bespoke roof storage area.

Roof Storage

Roof Storage

An Olson timber building means space; space for your classic car, space to work, space for your horses, space to create or space for the family bikes and garden furniture. Whatever the primary function of your Olson timber building, space for many people and families is at a premium, and we can help you to make the most of that space, with adding roof storage. Somewhere to pop Christmas decorations, out of season clothes or even the odd suitcase or bike. 

Standard truss construction on a timber outbuilding, garage or studio makes storage a bit tricky; the beams criss-cross the roof space and have been designed to support the roof and brace the building, not to take a load and offer storage. 

Enter Olson Storage Trusses, this is a roofing system specially designed to keep the centre part of the roof space clear for storage, moving all the bracing to the sides and giving you perfect, easy to use and level storage space. The Olson Storage Trusses are available as up an upgrade on nearly any of our buildings (excluding stables unless you have rather short horses).

What's included in the Storage Trusses package?

We build the system in, from day one in our plans, so the roof and construction of the building are designed slightly differently to both take extra load and leave the space required. The storage floor is boarded and we install a loft hatch for access. For some customers, gable end external access is also an option.

What are the costs?

There is an additional charge for this option and it is calculated on a per buildings basis depending on the size, shape and roof finish you require. Our team can add this in to your quote as an option if desired and you can weigh up the benefits vs costs of the storage gain. 

The image at the top of this page is for guidance but gives a good idea as to how the system works. Please feel free to discuss the type of items you may need to store and we can advise the best options for you.