Timber Garage vs Block or Brick Garage

If you are considering building, or having built for you, a new garage there are few construction materials to choose from. In the main, these are going to be timber, block or brick and some kind of steel cladding system over a steel superstructure. Online research leads one this way and that as one considers the benefits of a garage made from x or y.

The Olson guide below gives a brief and broad overview of the benefits that a timber garage brings over that of a block or brick garage. We know and appreciate that timber will not be the answer for everyone but there are some key factors that really do seem to make the case for a timber garage.

ElementTimber GarageBlock/Brick Garage
Speed of installation1-3 days (allowing for
the setting of the
7-14 + days depending
on weather conditions
Planning PermissionOften possible using
Often possible using
Building RegulationsUsually ExcemptConstruction will often require building
regulation approval
Environmental ImpactTimber is a natural
resource that
consumes carbon
dioxide as the
tree grows and can be
recycled back in to theland. Treated timber
has a good life span.
Concrete blocks have
very few if any
positive impacts on
the earth. They do last well but are not
natural products and
the production process is energy intensive.
Internal conditionsA timber garage is
using natural
materials that do not
cause condensation
and can naturally
A huge problem is
condensation, the
building can not
breath. Surfaces are
hard and unforgivingmaking mounting
tools etc harder.
CostLow to mediumHigh (likely double)

As a timber building company you would expect us to be a bit biased but for the environmental impact alone it is hard to understand why a block built building makes sense, especially for a garage when a timber one is made off site, can be installed in a day and the only real carbon footprint is delivery.

Timber Garages are cost effective, low impact & quick to install

Marry the lower CO2 argument with the cost saving, speed and simplified approach to building regulations and a timber garage seems by far the best way forward.

You can still go wrong with a timber garage. If the wood is not high quality and treated, the fixings are not stainless steel and galvanised and the roof is badly installed – it does not matter what the initial saving, you are constructing a short term building. A garage that will do you no favours and for which you will pay twice, once for the initial garage and then again for someone to do it right!

A good, well made, well planned and thought out timber garage is, at least in our opinion, far better than a block or brick equivalent and costs the planet and the owner, less. For a quote on a timber garage tailored to your requirements click here