20% off Timber Buildings

If you want a premium quality timber building but are keen to save a bit of money, going down the Olson DIY route could be a sensible move.

Save 20% on any of our timber buildings if you choose to construct it yourself. We supply all the panels, roof and fittings, you collect the building and put it together. 

olson timber buildings
DIY Construction Olson Timber Building Save 20%

Too far away? We can still offer a delivery service on all our buildings at cost price.

So how easy is it to put together a timber garage, stable or field shelter? Should you be attempting the construction yourself?

For a field shelter, someone with a bit of patience and a little skill or experience should be able to have things fair and square relatively quickly. We always say the bigger the building the more manpower required, a good DIY’er with some friends (there are some logistics involved in terms of handling the panels etc) can build a simple timber garage or timber stable, sit back be proud of the achievement. 

Save 20% on a timber building and go the DIY route!

5 Top Tips for DIY timber building construction

You need a plan, a plan for the building and a plan for the day of the build

Life is a lot lot easier on the level. A work space for construction this is flat and even will save hours of jiggling and head scratching

It is hard work on your own, really it is, get a friend or several friends, it make it much easier to arrange panels and prevents an awful lot of naughty words being required!

Don’t rush – easier said than done

Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask Olson for advice along the way. We do this every day and most questions can be answered very swiftly. 

If you would like to save 20% on stables, garages, studios or field shelters get in contact with our team or request a quote.